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Antroxu (Carnival) in Avilés
Avilés (Center of Asturias) (Avilés)
Festival of touristic interest in Asturias
From the "Jueves de Comadres" (Mates' Thursday) to the Carnival Tuesday
Or the festival in abundance
Carnival is popular fiesta time in Asturias. It is true that all the region returns for the ritual of Carnival: disguises, charanga groups, parades, frixuelos (crepes) (a sweet typical of the Carnival time), music, fun, packed streets and squares, in villages and cities. It is also true that, if Antroxu or Carnival is especially relevant and outstanding in a place in Asturias, that place is Avilés.

In the days of Antroxu, this city with its fishing, seagoing and port tradition becomes a grand open air scenario where light, colour, disguises, of which there are thousands, and the festival in abundance fills the streets and squares of the city.  The Antroxu of Avilés has deserved fame, especially its well-known Descenso de Galiana (Descent of Galiana Street), which is one of the culminating moments of this celebration, highlighting all the beauty and tradition of the historical quarter of Avilés.

For these and many other reasons, the Antroxu of Avilés is mythical, and must be lived. It is very recommendable that you join in the atmosphere, disguise yourself and join a group as this is much more fun.

Of course, it is one of the most outstanding Festivals of Touristic Interest in the festive calendar.
Antroxu in Avilés
GPS:43.553692, -5.925177