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Fiesta of Exconxuraos
Llanera (Center of Asturias) (Recinto Ferial de Llanera)
Fiesta of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
Or the sonorous medieval deeds

The "Exconxuraos" in Llanera are the commemoration of a historical event which took place in the district a long time ago and its commemoration was again taken up by this Asturian municipality a little over a decade ago.

Approximately in the year 1408, although we cannot establish the exact date, the people of the District of Llanera, subject to jurisdictional feudal allegiance to the episcopal seat of Oviedo, tired of undergoing the "grievances and injustices" which they received from some emissaries of Don Guillén", the bishop at the time, rebelled against his authority. As a consequence of this, serious canonical penalties for these cases were imposed on them, with a sentence of excommunication and interdict was issued against the inhabitants of the rebellious district and all its territory. The people of Llanera, ignored this coercion and and firmly maintained their rebelliousness for a period of four years. The bells of the churches in the district fell silent. Their doors were to remain closed for four years and the clergy who served these churches were to cease to celebrate the Sunday celebrations in them and to act as a healer of souls for their parishioners deprived of the consolation of the final blessing of the Church and the right to receive a religious burial.

Eon February 17, 1412, Guillén died in Oviedo. A short time later, in the month of June that same year, Diego Ramírez de Guzmán from Leon was promoted to the see of Oviedo. On June 26, the Dean and the Chapter of the church of Oviedo conferred full powers on Alvar Fernández, archdeacon of Tineo, Alvar Pérez, precentor, and Alvar Fernández, canon and bachelor of decrees, so that in its name and "with council and agreement" of the Vicar General of the new prelate in the spiritual and temporal administration of the church and the episcopacy of Oviedo they might adapt the measures intended to end the tensions existing between the Bishop, Dean and Chapter on the one hand , and "all the nobles and those under local jurisdiction, residents in the district of Llanera" on the other hand. Two days after the assembly of the Chapter, on Wednesday July 27, in the presence of several notaries and representatives of the nobility of the area, the Mayor formally convened a meeting and "the "good men and, nobles and the commoners of Llanera" met in Council in Posada – the geographic centre of the territory in order to return to the obedience to Diego and his Church. The Council designated its procurator Juan Fernández so that in the name of everyone he might solemnly state before the delegates of the authority attending the act the firm resolution and promise not to rebel again against their lords "in such things". This was complied with by the procurator of the Council and the assembly of townspeople requested the episcopal delegate who was present to absolve them from the sentences of excommunication they had incurred, to lift the interdict on all the territory and "the remission of any penalties and calumnies, sacrilege and suspicions due to this reason".

In response to these requests, the provisor and Vicar General of  Diego and the procurators of the Dean and the Chapter  were generous and  they were ordered "as a sign of penitence" to choose from among them thirty good men, twenty nobles and ten commoners to go to the Church of San Salvador in Oviedo on a feast day, participating "in the procession, barefoot wearing sacking or doublets with no other covering tied with ropes and with candles in their hands", and the provisor of the bishop was solemnly committed  to absolving them from the penalties of excommunication and to lift the intedict placed in Council once this public penitential humiliation was complied with.

The fiesta is held on the first weekend in July and has become the fiesta of Llanera and its people as it serves as a union and fraternisation of all the people as occurred with their ancestors.
The "Exconxuraos" is held in the trade fair centre of Llanera, where activities and shows take place all weekend in order to create an atmosphere which captivates the visitor and transfers him to the medieval era. Ribbons, banners, shields, warriors, jesters, knights, musicians, etc. provide colour to this medieval fiesta medieval which is now a referent at regional and at national level.


Fiesta of Exconxuraos
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