Asturian gastronomy is very rich and combines tradition and innovation in a balanced way in all kinds of dishes and creations: soups, stews and pulses, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, salads and vegetables, tapas and pinchos, rice dishes, pasta and desserts.

A still life photo featuring a plate of beans with clams in the foreground

Asturian cuisine recipes are healthy, tasty, and incredibly diverse. They are an essential part of the Asturian gastronomic universe, characterized by a rich history, strong identity, deep-rooted traditions, exceptional quality of ingredients, and a prominent presence of both natural and human landscapes.

History and tradition undoubtedly contribute to the unmistakable and unique personality of Asturian cuisine, which takes on countless forms and flavors through hundreds of recipes of all kinds.

Within this culinary cosmos, you'll find timeless recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as innovative creations inspired by the creativity and expertise of their authors, always mindful of the defining features that shape the cuisine of Asturian landscapes.


Artistic photo of a dessert

The result of the interaction of the various sources that nourish Asturian gastronomy is brilliant and distinctive, making cuisine in Asturias one of the main tourist attractions for both locals and foreigners.

Savoring the Natural Paradise through its multiple and excellent recipes is always a unique experience that takes you on a journey to unforgettable moments and emotions