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The Fiesta of Huevos Pintos in Pola de Siero
Siero (Centre) (Pola de Siero)
Festival of Touristic Interest
Tuesday following Easter Sunday
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The Fiesta of Huevos Pintos in Pola de Siero, an artistic tradition

This fiesta is always held the Tuesday following Easter Sunday. From early in the morning the most historical town centre part of Pola de Siero is filled with stands decorated for this occasion, where we can admire and buy Huevos Pintos, with extremely varied decorations and sizes, although the majority include motifs relating to traditional Asturian culture, together with different phrases and symbols, in their artistic design.

A very special moment in this fiesta is the Blessing of the Huevos Pintos in the Town Square, moment from which cider, good gastronomy, bagpipes and the fiesta take over, to finish off will a street party which lasts until midnight.

The tradition of Huevos Pintos has an unknown origin, several centuries old. Specifically, in Siero it has been passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation, perhaps being linked to the fact people arrived from Central Europe to work in the mines both in Siero and Langreo, where the first soft coal deposits were mined  - although this is just a hypothesis.

The Fiesta of Huevos Pintos in Pola de Siero
GPS:43.393427, -5.660276