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Festival de Pipe Bands of Villa de Candás in Carreño
Carreño (Center of Asturias) (Candás)
Festival of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
Or the sound of tradition

The Pipe Band Festival of Candás has been growing and consolidating for two decades as one of the grand musical venues of the summer in Asturias on the central coast of the region.

The Villa de Candás has known how to perfectly agglutinate the rise of popular and traditional Asturian culture, and this festival is a clear fun and cultural exponent of the historical time we are living.

Bands from several places fill and animate the streets of Candás from July 22 to 24 (these are the dates of the 2016 edition) filling them with culture, music and fun, in an atmosphere which exudes the quintessence of Asturias.

Festival de Pipe Bands of Villa de Candás
GPS:43.588434, -5.767592