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Sotón Pit
San Martín del Rey Aurelio (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Soton, San Andrés de LLinares 33940 San Martín del Rey Aurelio
985 654 923 / 630 119 642 (horario de atención de 8:00 a 14:00 h)
Built in the early 20th century, this historic colliery is still operating

With the aim of securing and properly exploiting its supply of coal, between 1917 and 1922 the Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro-Felguera metallurgcial company endeavoured to deepen the historic pit, pioneering a system of vertical shaft mining. Today it is one of the emblematic pits - now belonging to Hunosa - which continues operating, writing historical pages in the many vicissitudes of Asturian mining. In the early 20th century, the Duro-Felguera company put all it had learned from previous deep pits to the test in Sotón, developing a sponge-like pit underground that was more efficient in both technological and architectural terms.

On the surface, the pit sits on a vast esplanade reclaimed from the River Nalón, which has enabled it to develop a series of ancillary facilities with plenty of space, one of the most striking features being its spectacular pithead gear.

Sotón Pit