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Fiesta of the Picadillo and the Sabadiego
Noreña (Central Asturias) (Noreña)
Festival of Touristic Interest
• Fiesta del Picadillo and el Sabadiego in Noreña or the fun of the pork dishes

Noreña is the capital of the pork dishes in Asturias, with an important tradition in the manufacture of meat products, especially pork. It is not surprising that this animal has a monument in centre of the historical quarter of this monumental village.

Every April 23 is celebrated the fiesta del Picadillo and el Sabadiego, and the streets, chigres (cider stores) and restaurants of Noreña show of the best of their cuisine and the people of the village in order to commemorate in style this emotive and gastronomic homage to two of the products which occupy a privileged position in their culinary knowledge and tradition.

Both the picadillo of Noreña and el Sabadiego are unique in the world and this is well explained by the Members of the Order of el Sabadiego, which also plays an important role in this fiesta.
In order to accompany the rich gastronomy there is a complete programme of music, concerts and other cultural activities which mean non-stop fun for the village.

• Fiesta del Picadillo and el Sabadiego
GPS:43.393705, -5.708014