Cape Peñas and its surroundings

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Cape Peñas, the northernmost point of Asturias, is a land rising above sheer cliffs, swept by the northern winds.

Cape Peñas and its surroundings
GPS: 43.59033582559765, -5.764426539379518

Avilés - Gozón

Day 1: Candás - Luanco 5,6

To the east, the borough of Carreño and its capital: Candás. It's a good idea to park your car, because this is a town to savour on foot. A good starting point to understand its idiosyncrasies is the harbour. From this cove, you can head up to the Chapel of San Antonio and to the lighthouse with its spectacular views. Halfway up is the Antón Museum, located in the Plaza de El Cueto. Both inside and around the grounds, you can see the works of local sculptor Antonio García Rodríguez. Strolling inland, you come to Les Conserveres Park, a green lung of over 7,000 square metres. In the old cistern of the B. Alfageme Cannery and Cider Factory, an exhibition on the canning industry is a reminder of what was one of the economic engines of the city.

The afternoon invites you to head out of town. If you are fairly fit and have an interest in literature, you can choose to do the Clarín Route, in Carreño, walking in the footsteps of the author of La Regenta, Leopoldo Alas "Clarín". This trail, of medium difficulty, has a total length of 14 kilometres, but is divided into 3 parts (not connected to each other) which reveal three of the settings described in three of Clarín's works: Doña Berta, Viaje Redondo and Boroña. This is a unique literary-tourist experience.

Day 2: Luanco - Playa de Xagó 23,1

Luanco, the borough capital of Gozón, is the starting point for the second day of the tour. Fitted out with comfortable shoes, you can start the tour at the Maritime Museum, in Gijón Street, to then head for La Ribera Beach, the Clock Tower, the old harbour and the Church of Santa María, which withstands the sea winds. The visit continues along the promenade, where you eventually come to some steps. These are the starting point of another coastal path. For the less daring, there is a small park perched above the sea at the beginning of the path. Those who want more adventure can continue on to Bañugues, four kilometres away.

The end of the excursion, now in the afternoon, brings you to Cape Peñas and its protected landscape, including cliffs, trails and scenic balconies which will remain fixed in your mind's eye. The most direct road from Luanco is the GO-1. The lighthouse, which has an interpretation centre on the ground floor, will also serve as a "guiding light" for the drive. From Cape Peñas, you can then take the AS-238 to continue the tour along the west coast of Gozón, with unforgettable sunsets on the coastal strip overhanging the sea in Verdicio or along the white sand dunes of Xagó Beach.