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The Shepherd Fiesta in La Vega de Enol
Cangas de Onís (Eastern) (Vega de Enol)
Festival of Touristic Interest
25th July
The Shepherd Fiesta in La Vega de Enol (Cangas de Onís), paying tribute to the life and history of Exemplary People

A characteristic which is common to the majority of Asturian fiestas is the beauty and pleasantness of the landscape and human environment. The truth is the Shepherd Fiesta in La Vega de Enol, in the district of Cangas de Onís, is a clear example of a spectacular environment, as it is held at the heart par excellence of the Picos de Europa National Park, which is also a Biosphere Reserve.

The Lakes of Covadonga are one of the best known places of the Park, mainly due to the great cycling achievements taking place there and broadcast worldwide. This time the tribute is dedicated to the Shepherds of Picos de Europa, a group who years back became Exemplary People of Asturias.

This fiesta is always held on 25th July every year, starting with a country mass at the Good Shepherd Chapel. Afterwards, the Shepherd Council meets to share out the pasture land fairly and to designate the Councillor. And after rural sports, handicrafts, bagpipe music, fiesta, delicious gastronomy always including proper Cabrales or Gamonéu cheese, the peak moment arrives with the climb to Porra de Enol.

A unique day to learn about the Picos de Europa and its shepherding culture. On top of all this, the night of the 24th is the only one all year round in which free camping is allowed.

The Shepherd Fiesta in La Vega de Enol (Cangas de Onís)
GPS:43.274258, -4.989293