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The Fiesta of La Regalina in Cadavedo
Valdés (Western) (Cadavedo)
Festival of Touristic Interest
Last Sunday of August
The Fiesta of La Regalina in Cadavedo, the dream of Father Galo with a view to the sea

There are few fiestas in Asturias founded and encouraged by an intellectual and a humanist of the importance of Father Galo. Born in Cadavedo, this priest who lived a cosmopolite life, with a wide cultural viewpoint, a polyglot and a writer in the Asturian language, founded this fiesta in 1931, being held on the last Sunday of August each year since then.

Another singular feature of La Regalina is that it takes place in the open air in the field of La Garita, next to the Hermitage of Santa María de Riégala, a place offering views of the coast and its unique and spectacular cliffs.

La Regalina is one of the unavoidable events during summer in the Valdés district being, due to both its origin and peculiarities, a heartfelt fiesta that has an unconditional following and the deep admiration of those who know about it.

The Fiesta of La Regalina in Cadavedo
GPS:43.554803, -6.372554