It is a pleasure to travel by car along the Asturian coastline, where the merging of the sea with the land leaves impressive natural monuments, protected landscapes and memorable sunsets on infinite beaches.


The Asturian coast is a string of pleasant surprises, for the beauty of its landscapes and natural monuments as well as the moments it offers you throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. Each moment of light is a different panorama, a unique and once-in-a-lifetime sight. In the middle of this scene of shadow and light, with the green high-mountain meadows and mountains that hug the immensely blue sea, infinite sandbanks and rocky outcrops or cliffs appear that are like giant sculptures, or renowed capes that draw the coastal terrain of Asturias.

Muros de Nalón

Muros de Nalón.

And bearing witness to the silence and lights of this unparalleled coastal spectacle of Asturias, are the lighthouses. Located in idyllic places with the best views, precisely to observe and be an observer, to help sailors and fascinate those on the mainland, the headlights are like a travel guide, which allow you to draw the best route to get acquainted with a coast that never disappoints you and that unfolds in unforgettable images.