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Folkloric Descent of the Nalón
Laviana (Center of Asturias) ()
Fiesta of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
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When the river puts on its best finery

The Folkloric Descent of the Nalón is a humoristic water parade held on the River Nalón as it passes the district of Laviana. This is a fun festival in which the people and the people and the groups descend the river with different kinds of boats  built by themselves, each referring to different burning issues of the day.

The parade begins when the people go towards the Puente de Arco (Puente d'Arcu), where the popular song Chalaneru is sung, as a hymn. Once this is sung, the descent of the river begins in order to reach the Bridge of La Chalana, one and a half kilometres farther down. In the course of the river, the participants get round all kinds of difficulties with imagination, good humour and teamwork until the finish line established is reached, where thousands of people have gathered and there is a strong festive atmosphere.

It take place in August – usually in the second fortnight – coinciding with the celebration of the fiestas of the patroness the Virgen de Otero, in the capital of the district, Pola de Laviana. It is an authentic summer river carnival with lots of sensations and colour.

Folkloric Descent of the Nalón
GPS:43.237875, -5.544184