Where to sleep
in Asturias

Asturias offers, throughout its territory, a wide and varied range of accommodation for different stays or holiday and leisure breaks.

The tourist accommodation of Asturias, in its various forms, is the best guarantee for a happy and relaxed stay in the Natural Paradise. Hotels, Village Houses or Apartments, among other housing types, meet the most varied demand and fulfil the most demanding expectations.

They are charming places, where comfort and warmth are common characteristics, which are capable of generating an ideal climate for rest and full enjoyment of the destination. Personalised treatment and services in line with current needs, as well as the pleasant atmosphere created by Asturian traditions and culture in the broadest sense, make accommodation in Asturias a unique and unforgettable experience.
Hotel room
A restful break, the best breakfast with natural and organic products from the land, a pleasant conversation, a time for reading, a good swim in the pool, a moment in the spa, a lunch with classic Asturian dishes, a walk through the gardens or on the nearby paths ...All this and much more is possible in Asturian accommodation.

Excellence in leisure

The quality brands of accommodation in Asturias, Casonas y Aldeas, consist of a large group of establishments that are a benchmark of excellence, both in the treatment received and in the services offered, and of course in the quality of facilities, which are usually located in privileged environments, both landscape and human.



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