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Our services:

We offer guided tours in Asturias and we are specialised in visits to Llanes, Colombres, Ribadesella, Covadonga, Picos de Europa, Villaviciosa and Lastres, both for individuals and groups, by Monica Balmori, GT031.

Balmori Eventos&Turismo is a company dedicated to carrying out guided tours and organising events, both professional and family events. These are some of the guided tours we offer:

Indispensable visits:
In our essential guided tours, we combine tradition, history, art and folklore of our area.

In these essential visits we transmit the evolution of our history. From the Middle Ages with the founding of Llanes, its medieval wall and its Historic Site. The departure of the inhabitants from Llanes, Colombres or Nueva to America, to return as true Indianos. The present day with the Cubos de la Memoria, in the port of Llanes.

Emotional visits:

Emotional tourism involves feeling and sharing the experience with those who visit us, through an authentic contact with our traditional culture, providing stories and experiences.

In the Rula (fish market), observing the fish auction and learning about the life of the fishermen, in the Llagar (cider mill) where you can learn about the production of cider, in the traditional cheese factory where you can learn first-hand about the animals that give milk to the end result: cheese, or in the Molín (mill), you can learn about the importance of corn, not only in our gastronomy, but also as a way of life.

These visits will immerse you in our idiosyncrasy, our culture, our way of life.

Other activities:

Children's Workshops:

Our children's workshops are the best way for children to learn in a fun and practical way about our rich heritage, the history that defines us, the architecture that surrounds us or the ethnography of which we are a part and which identifies us. Using the concepts of guided tours we transmit knowledge to the little ones while they play and have fun.

Wedding planner:

We organise the integral management of weddings in the East of Asturias, or partial management, if what remains to be done are details, Balmori Eventos&Turismo can do it! Or even if the whole wedding is already organised and coordination is required on that special day so that the bride and groom can enjoy one of the most important days of your life, leaving everything in our hands.

We can plan any type of event, both family and business events, with the help of our staff of events hostesses.

Balmori Eventos&Turismo is certified in the system of tourist quality in destination, SICTED in Llanes (commitment to tourist quality) since 2010.

For timetables, information and prices of the guided tours, please consult the website:

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Information provided by Balmori Eventos&Turismo (Mónica Balmori) with DGT code: GT031.