All in all, and in accordance with tradition, the establishment for overnight stays for pilgrims are the pilgrims´s lodgings. These are places reserved exclusively for those who, on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, take any of the paths to Compostela. The pilgrims' lodgings have rules, some following simple common sense, which must be taken into account when staying in them.

San Salvador de Cornellana (Salas)

San Salvador de Cornellana (Salas).


a) All the people who go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela may use the pilgrims´s lodgings Network, or return at the end of the pilgrimage and be accredited through the relevant "Pilgrim Credential" or "Compostela", stamped in the place of origin and where they pass through.

The order of preference in the occupation will be as follows:

- Pilgrims travelling by foot or with physical limitations.

- Pilgrims travelling by bicycle.

- Pilgrims travelling on horseback.

- Pilgrims who are travelling in a support vehicle.

c) The places are occupied in accordance with the order of arrival of the pilgrims. In no case can reservations be made.


Those responsible for the pilgrims' lodgings should monitor the proper functioning of these rules and have the authority to urge offending parties to leave the pilgrims´ lodgings and limit their use of other pilgrims´ lodgings in the network.

Registration of users

Each pilgrims´ lodgings will have a registration book in which the person in charge of it must write down the pilgrim's details. They will also stamp the pilgrim's credential, stating the date of use of the pilgrims´ lodgings.

Duties of pilgrims

The use of lodgings by pilgrims will be subject to the following rules:

- You may stay in the pilgrims´ lodgings for one night only, except in cases of force majeure.

- They can be accessed before 10:00 p.m., at which time the pilgrims´ lodgings will close.

- You must check out of the pilgrims' lodgings before 10:00 a.m.

- You must take care of the facilities, leaving them tidy and clean, and not abusing the water and electricity services.

Rights of pilgrims

Pilgrims have the right to use publicly owned pilgrims´ lodgings existing on the Asturian pilgrimage routes. In order to sustain this network of centres, they may collaborate in the financing of the maintenance of its facilities, with voluntary financial contributions, or with the amount that each pilgrims´ lodgings stipulates.

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