Cultural routes

The cultural routes of Asturias are closely linked to the intense history and entrenched traditions of the identity of a land that has been key in shaping the landscape of Western civilization.

Asturias is a land of intense experiences and deep traditions, linked to its history. The fact that it was the first Christian kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula is decisive in the existence of some cultural routes that have been key in the coming of the European continent over the centuries.

The St. James's Way, the pilgrimage routes to Cuadonga/Covadonga or the Ruta de las Reliquias (Route of the Relics) are proof of the historical relevance of Asturias, which translated to the survival of different routes of great roots and significance in terms of identity to this day. Today these routes are one of the great cultural and tourist attractions of the Natural Paradise.

St. James's Way

Founded by the Asturian King Alfonso II, it is one of the most important European routes.

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Pilgrimage routes to Covadonga

Cuadonga/Covadonga is a place of constant pilgrimages. Here are its routes.

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Route Of The Relics

The Route of the Holy Ark and its relics in Asturias.

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The Vía de la Plata Route

The Roman road linking Seville with Gijón/Xixón and which passes through eight Asturian parishes.

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