In any nook and cranny of the eighteen fishing villages of Asturias, you will breathe in the Cantabrian breeze. These picturesque, enchanting towns, with a long fishing and canning tradition, captivate you with the uniqueness of their ports, their seaside walks and their lighthouses and, of course, their people and their food.


Asturias is coastal by nature. So much so that its more than 400 kilometres of coastline offer a unique scenic and geographical spectacle, consisting of sandbanks, rocky outcrops, cliffs, capes, isthmus, islands, islets, castros (fortified settlements ) and, of course, fishing villages. In fact, the coast of Asturias is strongly marked by human activity, and is characterised by tidal mills, fish farms, tidal rockpools, fishing ports, marinas, etc. In the surrounding area there is always a town full of colour and flavour waiting to offer you the best of human warmth, cuisine and the way of life of a people who have always regarded the sea as an extension of their life on land.



A route through the fishing villages of Asturias is a constant journey of discovery of traditions, festivals, typical delicacies, period architecture, lighthouses with the best views you can imagine, viewpoints, hiking trails, benches to sit and contemplate the immensity of the ocean in a beautiful sunrise or sunset - always from an idyllic location -, and it is also a path of spirituality, because it is traversed by one of the great cultural trails of mankind: St. James's Way. So 18 coastal jewels await you in the Natural Paradise!