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Ortiguera (Coaña)
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Castro de Coaña, 33795
679 810 007
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    • Lighthouse.
    • Fishing harbour.
    • Architecture related to emigration.
    • Beach.

    Via the A-8 dual carriageway

    • Ortiguera Harbour
      Cape San Agustín
    • 985 630 851
    • 43°33"40.26""N,6°44"27.08""W
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
Ortiguera, seafaring purity

Just twenty metres above sea level, there is a small fishing village on the western coast, in the municipality of Coaña, that was created with the houses of the sailors nestled in the slopes of a small valley that merges with the Cantabrian Sea.

Its tradition comes from whaling and lobster fishing, a trade that occupied several generations for centuries.  After years of berthing in a flat rock very much battered by the sea, the picturesque port of El Ribeiro was built. So Ortiguera is a very old point, whose development began in the mid-Middle Ages, and which has a past of hard work and struggle as a whaling port.
Delve into the delights of its historic homes invaded by the spirit of the sea. In the higher part of the town, the Indian style architecture constructions waits for you since many of its inhabitants tried their luck in the Americas; all have splendid views of the sea.

The "Quinta Jardón" is an obligatory stop, a symbol of the progress promoted by this benefactor family of the town from the 19th century onwards. There you will find one of the best-preserved gardens of French influence in the Principality. 

Your very first impression on arriving in Ortiguera will be that of being in a hidden, different, peaceful place, with an incomparable oceanic panorama and where the marine essence is breathed in.  This is the case to the extent that, as you will see, it is a village and a port open to the immensity of the Cantabrian Sea like few others are. Steep and hanging from hillsides that flow into the sea, Ortiguera provides a unique walk and an unforgettable offering of marine life.

You can enjoy a beautiful walk to its two wonderful lighthouses. On the one hand the old one, with the uniqueness that it operated with a solar valve, and the modern one. In addition, the old one conserves the bell, which was rung when boats passed by the coast.

The chapel will also draw your attention, and the monument to the deceased sailors will touch your heart.  It is sober but striking, and in some way, it represents the indomitable and brave spirit of the inhabitants of this place. It will not leave you aloof.

And after all this, if you dare, you can take a trip to the Castro de Coaña!