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Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
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Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 33795. Cuaña
679 810 007
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Further information:

    • Coastal road of the Way of St James on its way through the borough.
    • Cuaña Hill Fort and Educational Exhibition.
    • Mouguías/Mohías Hill Fort.
    • The harbour and fishing town of Ortiguera.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the AS-12 and N-634

  • Population: 3,462 inhabitants

    Area: 65.8 km2

Hill forts, lighthouses and harbours, and as a counterpoint, the Way of St James overlooking the coast... Coaña is history and life.

If there is one territory in Asturias that symbolizes and summarizes the meaning of hill fort culture, that's Coaña. Its famous hill fort is set in a spot boasting spectacular views and surroundings of great beauty and is a reliable exponent of this culture. Besides, its educational exhibition is ideal for becoming better acquainted with the world of hill forts and their way of life. While Cuaña is the most popular, others such as Mouguías/Mohías Hill Fort, are also key to understanding a culture that proliferated particularly in western Asturias.

But Coaña is not just hill forts. It boasts a harbour as iconic as Ortiguera and San Augustín Lighthouse, whose avid gaze "devours" the vastness of the ocean, that sea which runs parallel to the coastal road of the Way of St James, the original route, which has one of its charismatic and unforgettable branches in Coaña.

Coaña, marked by hill forts, the River Navia, the beaches at Arnelles and Torbas and the privileged Jarrio Peak and Bustabernego scenic balconies, and so many other lasting experiences and memories.

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