Fishing in Asturias

Asturias, a territory with more than 345 kilometres of coastline, and with numerous waterways, lives facing the sea and the rivers and sea inlets of this Community, with a mild, damp climate throughout the year, which is an authentic ‘blessing' for enjoying game fishing. It has many enthusiasts from Asturias and elsewhere who each year, in dream areas, enjoy an activity which can be enjoyed alone or in company, with family or friends, and it always ensures gratifying moments and days spent in contact with nature.

Therefore, fishing is an important leisure activity and a unique experience, both as regards the modality of river fishing and maritime recreational fishing – from the coast, on board a vessel or underwater. The places suitable for enjoying fishing are landscapes of outstanding beauty and total tranquillity. Rivers with crystalline waters and limestone beds, sea inlets which are the final stage of important waterways before definitively fusing with the ocean, steep cliffs, out-of-the-way beaches and small bays, quarries, fishing harbour quays and fishing villages, reservoirs, suggestive trips in recreational boats – viewing a green and leafy coast, meadows and high mountains which lean towards the sea -, or underwater fishing– which shows us unusual sea beds and a vast richness of species -. These are some of the possibilities and scenarios which are offered by the Natural Paradise to those who wish to try this activity.

Precautions and recommendations

Before beginning this activity, it is important to know the norms established in each case for the practice of this sport, either in rivers or on the sea, and have the corresponding licence. It is necessary to find out where the zones reserved for fishing are in the place where you are situated, as well the type of fish, the sizes and numbers which may be caught , whether the fish are returned live or not and the types of hooks or bait permitted. Moreover, you must endeavour to leave the smallest footprint possible on nature and, especially, always respect the legislation in force. Finally, before setting out, it is necessary to check that you are carrying all that is necessary as the fishing places are normally far from the urban centres or at sea, and it will be difficult to find something we may have forgotten.

The equipment required is different for sea and river fishing although, generally, the basic material consists of a rod, a reel, a line, hooks, lead weights, snap hooks, scissors, knife, basket, spoons or trolls and bait of different kinds depending on the species to be caught. If this is your first time, do not hesitate to go to any of the specialised establishments which you will find throughout Asturias, where you will receive the correct advice. With regard to clothing, for sea fishing, it is necessary to wear warm, comfortable, waterproof clothing. If you are going to fish on a river, you need some essential complements: mid-calf or high rubber boots, wader, polarized glasses, cap or hat and jacket for carrying part of the material comfortably.

More information on legislation, licences, fishing preserves, species, permits, etc. at the following links of interest:

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