Fishing in Asturias

Asturias, a territory with more than 345 kilometres of coastline and numerous rivers, faces the sea and the rivers and estuaries of this Community, enjoying a mild, humid climate all year round, which is a real 'blessing' for the practice of sport fishing. There are many anglers from home and abroad who, every year, enjoy an activity that can be practised alone or in company, with family or friends, and which always ensures gratifying moments and days in contact with nature.

Fishing is, therefore, an important leisure activity and a unique experience. Both in river fishing and recreational sea fishing - whether from the coast, by boat or underwater - the places suitable for fishing are landscapes of great beauty and total tranquillity. Rivers with crystalline waters and limestone soils, estuaries that are the final stretch of important river flows before merging definitively into the ocean, steep cliffs, hidden beaches and small coves, rocky outcrops, suggestive trips in pleasure boats - contemplating a green and leafy coastline, and of The possibilities and scenarios offered by the Natural Paradise to those who want to try this activity are some of the possibilities and scenarios offered by the Natural Paradise to those who want to try this activity.

Precautions and recommendations

Before starting this activity, it is important to know the rules established in each case for the practice of this sport, whether in the river or at sea, and to have the corresponding licence. It is necessary to find out where the areas marked out for fishing are in the place where you are, as well as what type of fish, what size and how many you can catch, whether you fish with or without death and the type of hooks or bait allowed. You should also make sure that your presence leaves the smallest possible mark on nature and, above all, always respect the regulations in force. Finally, before setting off, you should check that you have everything you need, as the fishing spots are generally far from urban centres or in the sea, and it will be difficult to find anything if you have forgotten it.

The necessary equipment is different for sea and river fishing, although in general the basic material consists of a rod, reel, line, hooks, weights, carabiners, scissors, knife, basket, spoons or trolling lines and different types of bait depending on the species you want to fish for. If this is your first time, don't hesitate to go to any of the specialised establishments you'll find all over Asturias, where you'll receive the right advice. As far as clothing is concerned, for sea fishing, you should take waterproof, comfortable clothing and something warm; if, on the other hand, you are going to fish in the river, you will need some essential accessories: half-leg or tall wellies, waders, polarised glasses, a cap or hat and a waistcoat to comfortably carry some of your equipment.

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