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The Swimming Descent of the Ría de Navia
Navia (Western) (Navia)
Festival of National Touristic Interest
The Swimming Descent of the Ría de Navia, with sports as its emblem

This fiesta combines sport, culture and tradition. The Swimming Descent of the Ría de Navia is one of the best known and valued swimming races in in the European continent, with international swimmers and thousands of spectators thrilled by this sport attending it in the privileged setting of the Ría de Navia. This competition is a true classic that has been held in the Asturian town of Navia since the end of the 50s of the 20th century.

There has been a great sports tradition linked to swimming in the area of Navia since the beginnings of the 20th century, reaching its peak with the onset and development of this great race, while accompanied by many cultural and festive acts related to the traditions of western Asturias.

Asturian summer reaches one of its culminating moments with this fiesta, stating the taste for sports, culture and the fiesta in the Ría de Navia setting, in whose surroundings there has been great activity regarding commerce, fishing, etc. since long ago, leading to the resulting settlements.

The Swimming Descent of the Ría de Navia
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