Cuisine, in its many manifestations, is one of the great attractions and values that Asturias offers as a tourist destination.


Asturian cuisine, which combines as few others tradition and innovation, reaches the customer and traveller through innumerable hotels, spread over this land in which stoves have a notable role.

Restaurants, cider houses, chigres (typical places where you can drink cider) or food houses make up a cast of varied and tasty options, where the quality of the native product and the wisdom of the cooks and prevails.

Gastronomy, the protagonist of any moment of leisure

Gastronomy, the protagonist of any moment of leisure.

Asturian culinary art is an illustrated compendium where the experience and knowledge of centuries is summarised and recreated, together with the creative capacity of hundreds of professionals that make it possible to eat in Asturias really is a healthy pleasure.

Savouring Asturias is an affordable experience for the most varied tastes and moments, and always guaranteed to succeed. Relishing Asturias is so easy and rewarding that it is not surprising that the Natural Paradise is one of the most-appreciated places by lovers of good eating.

The taste of culinary excellence

Asturias is a place where culinary excellence has a glorious taste, and proof of that is that there are two quality brands formed by hotel establishments that are the living and tasty testimony of the supreme quality of Asturian cuisine.

Mesas de Asturias - Excelencia Gastronómica, formed by a select group of restaurants, and Sidrerías de Asturias, which brings together some of the best cider houses, are the two marks that support this spirit of quality that characterises Asturian cuisine.


Restaurants and cider bars

Michelin star
Mesas Asturias / Gastronomic Excellence Category
Cider Bars of Asturias
Celiac menu
Quality Q
  • Address: Anieves, 28
  • Locality: 33919. Anieves
  • Borought: Oviedo
  • Locality: Overo
  • Borought: Corvera de Asturias
  • Address: Aquilino Hurlé, 20
  • Locality: 33203. Gijón/Xixón
  • Borought: Gijón
  • Address: Canóniga, 18 - Bajo
  • Locality: 33003. Oviedo/Uviéu
  • Borought: Oviedo
  • Address: Pedro Duro, 2. Esquina Rodriguez Sampedro, 25
  • Locality: 33206. Gijón/Xixón
  • Borought: Gijón
  • Address: Pza. Conde Casares, 1
  • Locality: 33866. Malleza
  • Borought: Salas
  • Address: Ruiz Gómez, 15
  • Locality: 33400. Avilés
  • Borought: Avilés
  • Address: Calle Puerto Pajares, 9 - Bajo
  • Locality: 33011. Oviedo/Uviéu
  • Borought: Oviedo
  • Address: C/ Rosal, 13
  • Locality: Oviedo/Oviéu
  • Borought: Oviedo
  • Address: Finca Amaido
  • Locality: 33774. O Chao
  • Borought: San Tirso de Abres
  • Address: Paseo Dr. Fleming, 37
  • Locality: 33203. Gijón/Xixón
  • Borought: Gijón
  • Address: El Campo, 19
  • Locality: 33187. Santa Marina
  • Borought: Siero