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Fiesta of the Bollu in Parres
Parres (West of Asturias) (La Peruyal)
Festival of Touristic Interest
Last week-end of July
• Fiesta of the Bollu in Parres: Viva la Peruyal!

The fiesta of the Bollu, also known as La Peruyal, is held on July 31 in Arriondas, the capital of the district of Parres.

This fiesta, which dates from the first half of the XX century, represents the essence of a grand Asturian pilgrimage imbued with the typical Asturian atmosphere, where the bollu preñao (bun filled with chorizo) and cider give a very animated touch to the celebration.

The parade of carriages is another distinctive aspect of the fiesta, where fun invades all the town, including the historical district of La Peruyal, the epicentre of this fiesta.
Moreover, it is the perfect prelude to the Fiesta de las Piraguas (Festival of the Canoes), which takes place a few days later.

• Fiesta of the Bollu
GPS:43.385528, -5.218054