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Festival of the Sardine
Carreño (Center of Asturias) (Candás)
Fiesta of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
August 1st
A fiesta which knows how to nourish

Each year, on August 1 in Candás, the capital of the la capital district of Carreño, the Festival of the Sardina is held. This veteran and populous festival was a pioneer of its type in Asturias and is framed within the famous fiestas of San Félix de Candás.

After almost four decades of celebrations – the first edition was in 1970 – it has become quite a classic and in an obligatory venue for lovers of fiestas and good gastronomy. On this day all the town of Candás is filled with the aroma and the taste of this succulent fish which is "worked on" with authentic masterfulness in Candás.

On each first of August, it is now a tradition to have grilled sardines which are prepared directly in the public eye in the stands in the Paseo de San Antonio. As a grand finale to such a brilliant and tasty day, the "golden sardine" is awarded to the restaurant which has prepared the fish best and with most inspiration.

At each edition of the festival thousands of kilos of sardines are consumed. One practical piece of advice is to drink, best of all some small glasses of cider. And for those who wish and are in the mood, enjoy the atmosphere and the fun until the early hours of the morning.

Festival of the Sardine
GPS:43.592436, -5.765489