María Fernanda Fernández Gutiérrez

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María Fernanda Fernández Gutiérrez
GPS: 43.254213, -5.777497

At the moment, I am in charge of guided tours of the industrial heritage of the council of Mieres within the municipally-owned Tourist Facilities, which follow the guidelines of this service for both individuals and groups.

I am also specialised in industrial heritage, architecture and ethnography, offering visits to other areas with this interest (places like San Esteban de Pravia, Somao, Puerto de Vega, Ribera de Arriba or Quirós, to cite a few examples, as well as industrial or working class Oviedo), always with a cultural and informative aim and oriented to groups.

As an art historian specialising in cultural heritage, I offer guided tours specialising in mining, industrial heritage, ethnography and architecture.

Art historian and official tourist guide, with teaching and dissemination experience, I organise guided tours specialising in the cultural heritage of Asturias: mainly in relation to mining heritage, industrial heritage, contemporary architecture and ethnography, in different areas.

I work on a daily basis in the council of Mieres, in the area of its tourist facilities, where the offer includes classrooms and spaces of cultural interest, both mining and traditional.

We prepare educational activities for children and young people, and we also plan itineraries for groups of adults interested in understanding and appreciating the cultural heritage of Asturias.

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Information provided by María Fernanda Fernández Gutiérrez with DGT code: GT111.