High-speed trains

There are many High Speed Trains... but only one takes you to Paradise.

Now the natural paradise is closer than ever: you can travel to Asturias by High Speed Train. A faster, freer, more comfortable and sustainable journey. Every week you have more than 8,000 opportunities to escape to the land where time is life. Take advantage of the high-speed train to slow down in Asturias!

The elegance of Oviedo/Uviéu, its stately streets, its shops and confectioneries; the effervescent activity of Gijón/Xixón, so gastronomic and so walkable; the charm of the historic quarter of Avilés and the emotion of finding the white harmony of the Niemeyer Centre... the ski resorts just an hour from the beach or the unique experience of going into a mine, learning how to pour and make cider in a cider mill, or enjoying a "forest bath" while admiring landscapes that will remain forever in your memory.

Asturias is closer than ever... Come by train and see for yourself!

Journey time

Journey time of high-speed trains Asturias - Madrid.
Image with a table showing the journey time of high-speed trains Asturias - Madrid.
Destinos Origen
Madrid Valladolid León
La Pola 2:56 1:48 0:36
Mieres del Camín 3:13 2:05 0:53
Oviedo/Uviéu 3:20 2:22 1:10
Gijón/Xixón 3:50 2:50 1:35

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