• The old quarter of Avilés is one of the best preserved in Asturias and constitutes an example of civil and religious architecture ranging from the Middle Ages right up to the present day.
    • Avilés Estuary is one of the most beautiful natural estuaries in Asturias. Restored environmentally, it has a pathway with views of the marina and its related activities, the Niemeyer Centre, etc.
    • The Niemeyer Centre, the last and most important work in Europe by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, is a facility that adds both an innovative touch and a new skyline to the city.
    • Shopping in Avilés. The city constitutes an ideal place to shop, especially the old part of the town - Calle de la Cámara and surrounding streets -, home to the old food market, which has recently undergone a successful 'restyling'.
    • By road: N-634 and A-8 from the East and West. A-66 from the South.
    • By plane: Asturias Airport (OVD) - (www.aena.es) - Coach service from the airport to the city's coach station.
    • By rail: Avilés Railway Station (www.renfe.es)
    • By bus: Avilés Coach Station (www.alsa.es) (www.consorcioasturias.com)
    • Area: 26 km2
    • Elevation: 8 m.
    • Population: 83,617
    • Km to Gijón: 25
    • Km to Oviedo: 29
If Shakespeare had known the town, he would surely have been inspired by it and his Merchant would have been from Avilés, because its estuary inspires artistic creation at night and during the day.

A commercial town of medieval origin and long-standing maritime tradition, it boasts an old quarter dotted with mansions, gardens, fountains, churches, arcaded houses, and more... all of which lend it a unique atmosphere. The size and proportions of its estuary, and the fact that it passes right through the heart of the city, make Avilés the only city in Asturias with a major river flowing at the foot of the old town, one of the best preserved in all of Northern Spain.

Land of discoverers such as Pedro Menéndez de Avilés - the conqueror of Florida in the Americas -, the city has an artistic calling besides being open to innovation. What's more contemporary Avilés also experienced a major industrial revolution in the form of the steel industry, which has lent it the post-industrial 'appearance' that inspired the genius of architecture Oscar Niemeyer to design the last of his major international projects, a cultural centre that bears his name and is a symbol of the urban and sociological renewal the city has undergone.
That's Avilés... commercial, maritime and medieval.

Avilés (Avilés)
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