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America Day in Asturias in Oviedo
Oviedo (Center) (Oviedo)
Festival of National Touristic Interest
19th September
America Day in Asturias in Oviedo, bringing continents together

The Asturian capital, Oviedo, has always had the vocation of being cosmopolite, solidary and a connection between cultures, a vocation to culture, the fiesta and social and human relationships. That said, the America Day in Asturias is a clear example of all this coming together in a single and unforgettable day.

The America Day in Asturias was held for the first time in 1950 and, since then, the date chosen for this is 19th September every year, within the setting of the Fiestas de San Mateo. It is a folkloric and carriage parade, with the prominence of both the Asturian culture and that of those Latin American countries to which Asturians have traditionally emigrated, even making reference to European countries which have welcomed groups of Asturians.

Certain figures in the parade, such as Telva and Pinón, are a heartfelt tribute to the founder of the parade, the brilliant artist Alfonso Iglesias, who raised Asturian culture to present art through his graphic and intelligent humour rooted in the Asturian identity.

A true coming together of cultures, original and extremely enjoyable. 

America Day in Asturias in Oviedo
GPS:43.364077, -5.851259