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Cider Festival of Nava
Nava (Centre) (Nava)
National Touristic Interest
The Natural Cider Festival of Nava, genuine as may be

This is the most veteran cider festival held in Asturias, dating back to the 60s of the 20th century. What started as a tribute to the Asturian drink par excellence has consolidated itself as a fiesta attended by thousands of people every year and held right in the middle of the summer.

This festival, with its cider and cider pouring contest, includes many activities linked to the world of apples and cider, while also the Asturian culture and traditions, renewing its programme every year.

The place where it is held, Nava, is one of the Asturian cider production capitals, where cider makers and brewers, with both classic and totally modern premises, meet. Furthermore, this village of the Cider Region is well known both in and outside Asturias as it is the home of the Cider Museum where, in an entertaining and interactive manner, one can learn about the world and the culture of cider, from its beginnings to the present.

The Natural Cider Festival of Nava
GPS:43.358222, -5.506580