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Asturias is home to an outstanding cross-section of Euro-Siberian flora and fauna, as well as Mediterranean touches which greatly increase the levels of biodiversity.

Lapped by the Cantabrian Sea, the Principality of Asturias is mostly covered by forests and mountains. Its intricate topography houses he highest peaks of the Cantabrian Mountains, with varied geology largely covered by dense forests and watered by a generous river ystem that irrigates the Principality from south to north.

In Asturias you can expect to find fauna and flora that is rare in the rest of Spain and although our region barely represents 2% of the and area of the country, 67% of the national species of vertebrates live here (including the mainland and islands), the highlight being he birds and mammals with around 75% of those found in Spain. As for vascular flora, we have around 2,200 native species.

Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrino)Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrino).
The flora and fauna of Asturias, the natural environment and the different ecosystems which coexist in this land have outstanding environmental, cultural and touristic importance. This circumstance means that numerous companies include these in their programmes of activities and in their product catalogues such as sightings of flora and fauna – some adapted for all ranges of the public -, interpretation of nature and the environment, hiking and routes, the taste of nature which combines the route and culinary workshops or experiences such as the bellowing of the deer.


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