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Asturias Leisure and Culture
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I make a great effort to offer the most personalised and detailed service possible, adapting to the profile of each visitor, always with a nod to their origins and in a special way.

My motto is that each client is unique and different, so I dedicate a great deal of effort beforehand to getting to know their tastes and expectations in order to make the visit as interesting as possible. At the same time, I try to give a nod to their origins, whether in terms of culture, language, among others, to make the experience special and unforgettable. Below, I detail the range of my offer:

I offer outdoor cultural visits in any Asturian locality, as well as tours inside churches, monuments and facilities. Some of the most common destinations include the Catedral del Salvador, pre-Romanesque monuments, Fine Arts and Archaeological Museums, Roman Baths, Casa Natal de Jovellanos, Railway Museum, Museum of the People of Asturias, Campa Torres, Piñole Museum, Laboral City of Culture, Aquarium, Museum of Avilés, Maritime Museum, among others.

In addition, I offer dramatised visits and gymkhanas, which are detailed below: the visit to Clarín's La Vetusta in the company of La Regenta, as well as two gymkhanas, one with cultural quizzes and the other with the common thread of the sculptures. In Gijón, there is a gymkhana about its history and anecdotes in Cimadevilla, with the option of dramatisation of different characters such as a sailor, a cigarette seller, a fishwife, a Roman, a musician, etc.

I collaborate with ONCE, offering cultural visits for the blind through the senses.

Finally, I offer nature visits and accompaniment on stages of the Way of St. James, on foot or by bicycle, both Primitive and Northern.

All services are always enriched with a great visual support and object sources, which may include photographs, reports, credentials, compostelas and the pilgrim's viera, among others.

The services offered are as follows:

- Half-day visit (maximum 4 hours). Spanish.
Price: 133,10 €.

Half-day visit (maximum 4 hours). Language.
Price: 193,60 €.

-Full day visit (maximum 8 hours). Spanish.
Price: 242 €.

-Full day visit (maximum 8 hours). Language.
Price: 278,30 €.

-Extra hour
Price: 22 €.

-Diet lunch (full day visit that does not include lunch).
Price: 22 €.

-Dramatised visits and gymkhanas.
Price: According to the particularities of each one.

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