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The Lamb Feast in Prau Llagüezos
Lena and Quirós (Centre) (Prau Llagüezos)
Festival of Touristic Interest
1st Sunday of July
The Lamb Feast in Prau Llagüezos (Quirós-Lena), gastronomy in the middle of nature

The Lamb Feast held in Prau Llagüezos, where the districts of Lena and Quirós meet, is also a unique event. It is unique for being so unusual to find a collective roasting of lambs with these characteristics and of this magnitude.

Furthermore, the roasting is performed Argentinian style, a technique that was introduced by an Asturian migrant who returned from this area. If this was not enough, the scenario is wonderful: the top of La Cobertoria Mount, right in the Sierra del Aramo. This Sierra is one of the great and mythical Asturian mountains found in the central area, whose history is based on human deeds and sports achievements.

This collective roast, accompanied by Asturian music and gastronomy, takes place on a flat prairie, including its own spring and mountain hostel, even with the remains of burials probably dating back to medieval times. This environment combines the most ancient history, radiant nature and Asturian traditions mixed with Latin American ones. This eclecticism makes this fiesta an unforgettable moment.

The Lamb Feast in Prau Llagüezos (Quirós-Lena)
GPS:43.146036, -5.906719