Protected Landscapes

As part of the cataloguing of spaces, it was decided to award this title to places with aesthetic and cultural value, but without too many preservation problems..

Protected Landscapes are one of the best ways to preserve and highlight authentic human, natural and cultural ecosystems. By making them visible, visitors become aware of environments that would otherwise go unnoticed or fall into oblivion. And of course, all of them, without exception, are places of outstanding charm.
Raigosu Valley (Laviana)Raigosu Valley (Laviana).
El Entrego (San Martín del Rey Aurelio)El Entrego (San Martín del Rey Aurelio).
Peñas cape


This area is a coastal plain that occupies a narrow coastal area, of nineteen kilometres in length, between the Avilés Estuary and the Vaca Point ledge, very close to Lluanco/Luanco. Seeing the waves break against the cliffs, of up to one hundred metres tall, causes a unique sensation, a mixture of fear and fascination. Additionally, this Landscape includes two of the most valuable dune systems in the region, that of Xagó and that of Verdicio, a type of habitat that contains plant species that cannot be found in any other ecosystem, such as the "espigadilla de mar".

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Peñas cape (Gozón)Peñas cape (Gozón).
Mining Basins

Mieres, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Langreo and Laviana

This region in the central area of the Principality of Asturias is located in the upper valley of the Turón river and forms part of the Central Carboniferous Basin. Its abrupt geography, traversed by numerous creeks and streams, makes this Landscape a feast for the eyes. The area stands out due to its great diversity of plant species, with an abundance of threatened plants, such as holly and yew which provide shelter and food to a plethora of animal species in the region, whose most representative member is the capercaillie, which is now in danger of extinction.

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