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Mining Valleys
Mieres, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Langreo y Laviana (Central Asturias)
100 km2
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The Greater
Nalón Valley

Tourist Promotion and Development.
C/ Vicente Vallina, 10.
33950 Sotrondio.
San Martín del Rey Aurelio.

Phone 985 672 343 / 985 672 001

Tourist Office.
Plaza Fray Ceferino.
33980 Pola de Laviana.

Phone 985 611 377 (summer only)

El Entrego Tourist
Information Office
(summer only)
Avenida del Parque s/n. 33940 San Martín del Rey Aurelio

Phone 985 660 138

  • The Protected Landscape of the Mining Valleys encompasses the upper reaches of the valleys of the boroughs of Mieres, Oviedo, Laviana and San Martín del Rey Aurelio around Mea Crag (1,560 metres), the highest point of the protected area.

  • Plant life

    The deciduous forest vegetation consists mainly of oak, beech, chestnut and birch, though beech and chestnut predominate in this setting. Holly is present in the undergrowth, appearing in patches of a certain size accompanied by specimens of hazel. The rest of the territory is covered by a mosaic of floristic units adapted to the various conditions of altitude, humidity, etc. The meadows scattered across the slopes characterize the activity of peasant farmers, which had its heyday some time ago now. The fertile fields have been converted into farmland around the hamlets and in the valley bottom.


    The wooded slopes provide shelter for the most diverse species. It should also be borne in mind that these mountains are the natural "corridor" of Redes Nature Park. Roe deer and wild boar stand out among the larger mammals, in addition to the birds of prey that find refuge in their forests. The list expands to include the great variety of wildlife that inhabits the sheltered valleys of central Asturias.

    Over half of the various listed species of reptiles and amphibians in the region are represented in this area.

Valleys and river networks under the shadow of Mea Crag make up the Mining Valleys Protected Landscape.

Located in the central area of ​​Asturias, sheltered by the mountains of the Mining Valleys. The Mining Valleys Protected Area comprises the Navaliego and Longalendo Ranges and Urbiés Ridge, in the Turón Valley.

The action of the elements, especially water, has shaped this unique landscape teeming with valleys and river courses that flow into the River Turón.

For their beauty and location, the valleys and hillsides of the Mining Valleys have become a common destination for lovers of hiking and trekking.

Mining Valleys