Asturias is a destination full of options to enjoy leisure and free time, adapted to all preferences. With many interesting places, routes and corners, it is ideal for a pleasant and relaxing stay.


Image of an open tunnel on the Alto de las Estazadas road in the council of Cabrales.

"What to see in Asturias" is a section of our website that shows you various alternatives to explore this paradise in your own way, without haste and with the breaks you prefer, according to your tastes and desires. We offer different itineraries, ideal for getting around on your own, whether in your own vehicle, rented vehicle, motorbike, etc.

We have designed several routes of different lengths so that you can get to know the must-see places in Asturias depending on the time you have available. Some are short routes, two or three days maximum, in which we present you with a selection of places and landmarks that you must see, always in the most comfortable and relaxed way possible, without any pressure or stress. These are ideal to take advantage of a weekend, a long weekend, or a few days a week.

Other routes are of five and seven days, longer stays that allow you to see more places, combining different areas of Asturias, both in the centre and in the west and east. These itineraries are designed to give you an overview, so that on future occasions you can focus your trip on what caught your attention or what you didn't have time to visit.


Panoramic image of the Viaducto de la Concha de Artedo in the council of Cudillero with the sea in the background.

They are itineraries that will arouse sensations and will make you live unforgettable experiences in an Asturias that needs to be explored calmly, intensely and without stress. These routes combine coast and mountains, towns and cities, corners and places, landscape and history, gastronomy, culture and a variety of activities.

The most important thing is that they provide you with unique moments that will be your emotional baggage forever. The section"What to see in Asturias" is a tourist and cultural guide to the basic routes you can take in Asturias. It is about opening a door that will lead you to many others, because the natural paradise is immense, almost infinite, with infinite ways and possibilities to enjoy it.

You will see that Asturias is a destination that adapts to your wishes and availability!