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The Fiesta Vaqueira in Aristébano
Tineo and Valdés (Western) (The Aristébano Summer Pastureland)
Festival of Touristic Interest
Last weekend of July
The Fiesta Vaqueira in the Aristébano Summer Pastureland: getting to know the vaqueira history and traditions

The Fiesta Vaqueira, also known as the Vaqueirada, is held every year on the last Sunday of July in the Aristébano summer pastureland, between Tineo and Valdés. This is one of the most ethnic and original fiestas in Asturias, as the truth is it becomes an open tribute to the life and customs of the Vaqueiros de Alzada, there even being a real vaqueira-style wedding.

Vaqueiros were and continue to be a cultural ethnic group of Asturias, of ancestral origin, this still being researched up until this day. They were nomadic shepherds who spent their summers in the summer pastureland with the livestock, making use of the pasture areas at the mountain passes, returning to their winter villages with their cattle and belongings for winter.

The Vaqueiros were endogamic, developing a very singular culture and a folklore, all this remaining unchanged for centuries. They mostly lived and live in western Asturias.

The truth is the Vaqueirada is like seeing a live anthropology documentary, but with fiesta and merrymaking. It is a very curious celebration, different and lively.

The Fiesta Vaqueira in Aristébano
GPS:43.445219, -6.537525