Grandas de Salime Dam and Hydroelectric Plant

Go to Image Grandas de Salime Waterfall and Hydroelectric Plant
Titanic construction work that constitutes one of the best examples of the industrial water heritage in Asturias.
Grandas de Salime Waterfall and Hydroelectric Plant
GPS: 43.237458, -6.846008

Regardless of the number of people who wish to visit the Central, they should contact the offices of Saltos del Navia, C.B. (Oviedo), by calling 985 220 894 or by e-mail through their website, where they will be asked for the necessary information to carry it out and from where they will be sent, if necessary, the corresponding "provisional" authorisation.

The application must be made no later than 3 working days before the desired date.

Visiting days are every Thursday at 11:00 a.m., provided that there are no unforeseen circumstances (breakdown, urgent repairs, etc.) that prevent it.

No visits will be made on Thursdays that are public holidays or at weekends.

The day before the authorised visit is due to take place, the applicant must contact the Hydroelectric Power Station, calling the number that appears on the provisional authorisation that will be sent to him/her beforehand, in order to confirm it definitively.

In any case, Saltos del Navia, C.B. reserves the right to cancel previously authorised visits if there is any organisational or safety reason that so requires.

Groups of more than 50 people are not allowed.

Visits to the Hydroelectric Power Station are free of charge.


Pets are not allowed inside.