Guide to discover Asturias This guide is intended to help you get a deeper understanding of this Asturias in a concise way, this Asturias that allows you to feel alive and get in touch with nature, leaving the stress of everyday life behind. View Brochure
Nature and routes

Brochure on natural resources and routes in Asturias.

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The Way of St James

A guide on the different branches of St James’s Way in Asturias: the Original or “Primitive” Route, the Coastal Road, the connections between them, and the connection linking the French Route with Oviedo.

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Urban tourism

Tourist brochure containing information on the three cities in Asturias: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés.

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Tourist brochure containing information on the more than two hundred beaches dotting the coast of Asturias

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Turismo Industrial Guía del turismo industrial en Asturias. View Brochure

Brochure on museums, cultural resources, modern facilities, World Heritage and artistic heritage sites, festivities, customs and more… including a map of Asturias.

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Asturias para tod@s Guía con los recursos turísticos y hoteleros que son considerados practicables y accesibles. Escogidos minuciosamente para que tod@s podamos disfrutarlos. View Brochure
Ecotourism Ecotourism is nature tourism conducted sustainably and with respect for the environment. View Brochure
Congresses, Meetings and Incentives

Asturias is a unique destination for any type of event, congress or meeting.

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Golf Paradise Paraíso del Golf
Esquí Información de las dos estaciones de esquí de referencia: Fuentes de Invierno y Valgrande-Pajares. View Brochure
Asturias con Bici

25 rutas cicloturísticas para descubrir el Paraíso Natural en bicicleta

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Brochure on Asturian gastronomy: main ingredients, produce, PDO products, activities and festivals.

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The Tables of Asturias

A tourist brochure containing information on the restaurants and cider taverns boasting the “Mesas de Asturias – Excelencia Gastronómica” quality mark.

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Sidrerías de Asturias

A tourist brochure containing information on the cider taverns boasting the “Sidrerías de Asturias” quality mark.

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Where to stay
Tourist accommodation

A general guide to accommodation in Asturias: hotels, guesthouses, boarding houses, holiday homes and tourist apartments.

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Rural accommodation

Guide to rural tourism accommodation in Asturias.

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Asturian country houses

Tourist brochure containing information on the hotels belonging to the “Casonas Asturianas” Quality Club.

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Country Cottages -Asturias Rural Quality Mark-

Tourist brochure containing information on the country cottages boasting the “Aldeas Asturias Calidad Rural” quality mark.

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Adventure Activities

Guide to tourist, youth and pilgrim hostels as well as to campsites and companies offering adventure activities in Asturias.

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Maps and Street Maps
Avilés - Street Map

Street map of the city of Avilés.

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Oviedo - Street Map

Street map of the city of Oviedo.

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Gijón - Street Map

Street map of the city of Gijón.

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Map (fold-out)

Foldout map of Asturias, including street maps of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés on the back.

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Physical map of Asturias with the location of towns and villages, roads, relief and natural resources.