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Mercado Vaqueiro
Cudillero (West of Asturias) (San Martín de Luiña)
Fiesta of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
First weekend in August
Mercado Vaqueiro
Or the strength of tradition

The first weekend in August, San Martín de Luiña becomes a grand fiesta vaquero (cowboy fiesta) and its Mercado Vaqueiro is one of the big venues of the Asturian summer in the western area. Multiple activities re organised around the market, including: trips to the herdsmen's meadows, parades, cantares de chigre (traditional songs), pipe bands, etc.

There is also time for the traditional herdsmen's rural culture of the zone. That is why it is possible to see oxen and carriages of the area or the representation of a herdsman's wedding. Although we must not forget the typical craftsmanship or the herdsmen's menus which can be tried in the restaurants of the zone. Of course there are activities for children.

In short, this is a a homage to vaqueira culture and the Asturian rural world in a privileged environment such as San Martín de Luiña. The Mercado Vaqueiro will take you close to an epoch and enable you to spend a different type of leisure time.

Mercado Vaqueiro
GPS:43.544619, -6.224733