Hunting in Asturias

The unique Asturian orography, the richness of the land and the landscape make Asturias a true hunting paradise. This activity is carried out with strict respect for the natural environment, home to the numerous species that can be hunted in Asturias, and which are classified into two main groups: small game hunting - which includes game birds, rabbits, hares and foxes or 'raposu', as they say in Asturian -, and big game hunting - which includes game mammals such as deer, fallow deer, roe deer, chamois, chamois and wild boar.

In addition to all these natural advantages, there are also complementary parallel activities, both for hunters and their companions, who can enjoy nature and cultural routes, both in the countryside and in the different towns, villages and cities. Not forgetting the gastronomic delicacies that hunting brings with it, Asturias being a truly privileged destination as far as game cuisine is concerned, with numerous gastronomic hunting days, especially in autumn-winter.

The places for hunting are legally established and are called Cotos de Caza (hunting preserves). In Asturias, each preserve is a privilege, combining all possible natural settings: forests, mountains, valleys, meadows, rivers, etc., which means that each day is spent in a spectacularly beautiful setting.

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