In Asturias, caves and estuaries with dune systems are considered Nature Reserves.

What are Nature Reserves?

Nature Reserves are those spaces of relatively small size with a high interest, and their purpose is to protect ecosystems, communities or biological elements that due to their rarity, fragility, importance or singularity deserve a special mention.


Panoramic view of the Muniellos Forest with the Interpretation Centre in the foreground.

Asturias is a territory that stands out for its protected natural spaces, among others the Natural Reserves, given that it has numerous caves and grottoes, in whose surroundings are generated absolutely captivating natural and cultural ecosystems, and very interesting for those travellers avid for adventure and different sensations, linked to the purity of nature. The estuaries with dunes are also places of special beauty, where the flora and fauna characteristic of the area emerge with unusual strength. Special mention should also be made of the forests.

The Nature Reserves of Asturias are, therefore, a magnificent opportunity to discover unique and singular ecosystems, where there is a balanced cohesion between nature, landscape and landscape.

What are the Nature Reserves in Asturias?

Asturias, due to its geography and orography, is rich in ecosystems that can be considered Nature Reserves, especially in the case of the caves - which proliferate in Asturian geology - and also in the estuaries with dune systems.

So a tour of the Nature Reserves of Asturias will be enjoyable, relaxing and also educational, allowing you to gain a deeper knowledge of Asturian nature. In addition to providing a concept of leisure linked to health, respect for the environment and enjoyment in a natural context.