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Las Caldas Cave
Oviedo (Central Asturias)
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Tourist Office
Plaza de la Constitución, 4.
33009 Oviedo.

Phone 985 213 385 / 615 298 615 (visits)

Cueva de Las Caldas
  • Las Caldas Cave is located in the borough of Oviedo.

A prehistoric site, declared a Partial Nature Reserve, a few kilometres outside Oviedo.

Located just a few kilometres outside Oviedo, in the district of San Juan Priorio, Las Caldas Cave Partial Nature Reserve encompasses a protected area covering 45 hectares. The main cave, which is 5 metres wide, has three entrances: the main one, another smaller entrance, where the waters sometimes resurface, and the spot where they mainly resurface, found beneath the second.

The complex has a simple course; a narrow passage runs from the main entrance, leading to the underground river gallery. In the flood season, part of the watercourse overflows via a discontinuous upwelling. The gallery becomes wider upstream, continuing in a linear fashion with hardly any branching. Figalina Pothole appears in the mid-section of the cavern, converging with the upper entrance. Continuing along the gallery you reach a point where it becomes impenetrable and only the stream can access the cavity. There is a noteworthy presence of bats inside the cave.

This cave deserves special attention as an underground ecosystem and, above all, for its prehistoric site dating from the Solutrean and Magdalenian periods.

Las Caldas Cave