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The Fiesta of the Virgen de Guía in Llanes
Llanes (Eastern) (Llanes)
Festival of National Touristic Interest
8th September
The Fiesta of the Virgen de Guía in Llanes, the privilege of antiquity

One of the most striking features of the Fiesta de la Virgen de Guía in Llanes is that it oozes antiquity and seafaring tradition all over. The Chapel of Guía is five hundred years old, with the notion that this deep devotion in the seaside town of faring Llanes has existed for as many more. Another curious characteristic is that its fiesta coincides with that of the Virgen de Covadonga – patron saint of Asturias – on 8th September. But the Virgen Guía in no away affects the prominence of Covadonga, quite to the contrary, she reinforces the sense of identity of Llanes and of the east of Asturias as a whole.

But the curiosities of this fiesta do not end there. Another of the most artistic and colourful ones is the night procession held on 7th September, in which the Virgen is carried from her chapel to the Basilica of Llanes, including a stop to contemplate the sea, fireworks and hundreds of women wearing the Spanish mantilla, some wear the white mantilla and others the black one, each carrying a candle in one hand and a nard on the lapel (this white and fragrant flower being distinctive of the la Virgen de Guía Band). In file and accompanying the Virgen along the narrow streets of the old city centre of Llanes they compose a unique and different picture to anything you may find in a ceremony of this kind. The line-up of curiosities is completed with the Danza de Arcos in the morning of 8th September in front of the Chapel, where the children dance in a particularly graceful manner, while adults wear the male and female costume of Llanes, adding up to hundreds.

Furthermore, for four decades a wooden train with a yesteryear look arrives from Mieres with hundreds of people who join this celebration in which the black amber of the Llanes costumes shines more than the sun itself.

The Fiesta of the Virgen de Guía in Llanes
GPS:43.418273, -4.749603