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Lloviu Cave
Villaviciosa (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address

Tourist Office
Casa de los Hevia
Calle Agua, 29
33300. Villaviciosa

Phone +34 985 891 759

  • Lloviu Cave is located between El Puente Arroes and Pion, in the borough of Villaviciosa, 2 kilometres from the latter village, next to the River España.

Lloviu Cave Partial Nature Reserve, also known as Peón Cave, is a remarkable upwelling cave with a total length of 1,841 metres of galleries.

Its main interest lies in the fact that it is the largest Jurassic limestone cavern in Asturias. It also is notable in biological terms. It basically consists of a large initial gallery which divides into two branches through which flow active watercourses that spring from two siphons, finally coming together in a single underground river that re-emerges at the entrance to the cave. Strongly influenced by stratification, limestone folds have caused numerous internal cave-ins, which means that the known accessible length of the cavern is probably less than its actual length.

The presence of five species of bats, some forming large colonies, means that this cave is of special significance from the point of view of conservation. A new species of insect, the Speogeus diegoi beetle, has also been reported here.

Lloviu Cave