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Rosa Cave
Ribadesella (Eastern Asturias)
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La cueva no está acondicionada para visitas al público y los accesos están cerrados.

Cueva Rosa
  • Rosa Cave is located in El Pegadín, a limestone peak located in the borough of Ribadesella, between Calabrez and El Carmen/ El Carme.

The Rosa Cave Partial Nature Reserve is a cave that forms part of popular local folklore.

This is an important karst complex which drains the waters of a major depression. It has an intricate structure and varied morphology. It is a privileged ecosystem for cave wildlife, boasting the largest known population of cave-dwelling animals in Asturias, with over 30 species of insects, one of which is new to science: Notidocharis calabresi. It is also the most significant cavern in the region in terms of bats. Related to this complex, there is an important prehistoric site dating from the Solutrean and Magdalenian cultures.

The cave is well-known by the locals, who first explored it in search of treasure, as mention is made of such treasure in popular folklore. This system is found in the limestone formation called El Pegadín and has five entries. In all, 3,526 metres of the cave system have been mapped, descending 144 metres. The main axis of the system is formed by the underground river, which is accessed via a sump in the wide entrance to Rosa Cave. You can follow the underground river downstream below the Flumens Gallery until reaching the sump, which re-emerges in Las Bolugas Cave. From the upper entrance, El Gato Cave, there are different routes leading downwards to mid-level (Fossil Gallery, Gallery of Shafts, etc.) and then down from this level to the lower level of the underground river.

Rosa Cave