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Sidrón Cave
Piloña (Eastern Asturias)
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Tourist Office
Covadonga, 9. Edificio de la Obra Pía
33530. L´Infiestu. Piloña

Phone  +34 984 081 246

Cueva del Sidrón
  • Sidrón Cave is located near Vallobal, in the borough of Piloña.

Traces of the first inhabitants of Asturias have been found in this Partial Nature Reserve.

Sidrón Cave is the largest non-Carboniferous limestone cavern in Asturias. However, its main interest lies in its biological significance, providing shelter to five species of bats and boasting two new species of beetle. The cavern also contains a prehistoric site with some cave paintings and numerous human remains of Neanderthals have been found here, the most important prehistoric finding in Asturias.

Sidrón Cave, located in the foothills of the Sueve Range, is a karst complex found in Cretaceous limestones and Tertiary conglomerates, with ten known entrances grouped into different sectors: the Tumba Sector, which includes La Tumba Cave and sump; the Cabañina Sector, comprising Cabañina Cave and sump and Sidrón Cave; the Aura Shafts and the Salelagua Sector, with Salelagua Cave and resurgence.

In all, 3,226 metres of the cave system have been mapped, divided into three levels: the upper level, without any water courses, composed of entrances and high fossil galleries; the middle level, located from La Tumba to Salelagua, consisting of a main gallery with a winding route, varied morphology and different sections; and finally, the lower level, only accessible in short stretches, through which two streams run between the sumps and the Salelagua resurgence.

Sidrón Cave