Sidrerías de Asturias
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Cider is the Asturian drink par excellence and cider houses, the places where this product is usually consumed, are distributed throughout the Natural Paradise; some of them have this quality seal known as Sidrerías de Asturias.

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Cider houses have always been one of the "temples" where cider is consumed. Due to their characteristics, these hotels are ideal for consuming this drink, which marries wonderfully with the different classic products and recipes of Asturian cuisine.

In these specialist stores, cider is cared for of in all aspects: it is preserved in the conditions it requires, it is poured properly, and enjoyed at the right temperature. And of course, it is combined with the best and most popular of Asturian cuisine: cheeses, sausages, fabada, cachopo, fish, shellfish, etc.
Pouring cider
Cider houses are places with a lot of atmosphere, where the public socialises wonderfully, and share exciting and unforgettable moments, where the good eating, the chigre singing and the Asturian culture have a prominent role.
The Sidrerías de Asturias quality mark aims to show, in an elaborate selection, the excellence and uniqueness of a set of establishments that decisively contribute to maintaining and enhancing the cider culture in the Natural Paradise, as part of an intangible heritage going back centuries.

Sidrerías de Asturias

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