Mesas de Asturias – Excelencia Gastronómica, is a quality brand composed of a select group of restaurants, in which the culinary delicacy of the Natural Paradise prevails.


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Culinary quality has a privileged model in Asturias. In this land, the excellence of the native product is combined wonderfully, with efficiency in service and good work in the kitchen. The result is brilliant, wherever you look.

For this reason it is not surprising that Asturias has once again been a pioneer in the creation of a restaurant quality brand that brings together a group of hotel establishments that are exemplary in all respects: from the facilities, location, waiter service, a menu based on native products, and a great "savoir faire" in the kitchen.

Creative cuisine

With this quality brand, Asturias shows and demonstrates to the world its vocation of culinary excellence, which is one of the attractions most- and best-valued by the many travellers and tourists who enjoy each year of a land where eating well is a daily and natural reality.


It is impossible to visit Asturias and not be delighted with the tasty, nutritious and pleasant cuisine, in any spot in this heavenly destination. Cuisine in Asturias is a ritual, because of the effort and enthusiasm that all those who make it possible put into it.

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  • Address: Pza. Conde Casares, 1
  • Locality: 33866. Malleza
  • Borought: Salas


  • Address: La Colorada
  • Locality: 33710. La Colorada
  • Borought: Navia


  • Address: Las Escuelas de Lada
  • Locality: 33934. Lada
  • Borought: Langreo


  • Locality: 33449. Mazaneda
  • Borought: Gozón


  • Address: San Francisco, 8
  • Locality: 33003. Oviedo/Uviéu
  • Borought: Oviedo


  • Address: Carretera AS-19, km. 9
  • Locality: 33438. Priendes
  • Borought: Carreño


  • Address: La Salgar, 10
  • Locality: 33549. La Salgar
  • Borought: Parres


  • Address: Leceñes, 4
  • Locality: 33938. Valdesoto
  • Borought: Siero

Muros de Nalón

  • Address: Avenida del Riego, 1
  • Locality: 33138. Muros de Nalón
  • Borought: Muros de Nalón


  • Address: Capua, 7
  • Locality: 33201. Gijón/Xixón
  • Borought: Gijón


  • Address: Plaza de América, 6. (Esq. General Zubillaga)
  • Locality: 33005. Oviedo/Uviéu
  • Borought: Oviedo


  • Address: Plaza de la Sienra, 1
  • Locality: 33310. Torazu
  • Borought: Cabranes

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