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Llanes (Llanes)
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Casa de Cultura - C/ Posada Herrera, 33500
985 400 164
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Further information:

    • Old Quarter (a listed Historic-Artistic Site).
    • Basilica of Santa María.
    • San Pedro Path.
    • The Memory Cubes.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-634

    • Llanes Harbour
    • 639 673 516
    • Ch9
    • 43º25"30""N /04º45"00""W
    • Number of permanent berths: 140
    • Maximum length: 10 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 2.5 m
    • Depth at quay: 2 m
    • Width of entrance channel: 9 m
    • Water supply at berth
    • Electricity at berth
    • Sailing Club
Fishing town of medieval origin with an important fishing port located in eastern Asturias

Llanes is a fishing town located in eastern Asturias. Medieval in origin, it has been an important fishing port throughout history and still conserves an interesting old quarter where tourists can find all kinds of shops and restaurants. Quite active culturally, Llanes preserves very striking traditional festivities. St Mary Magdalene (21st and 22nd July), San Roque (15th and 16th August), and Our Guiding Lady (7th and 8th September), all listed Tourist Interest Festivities, to which must be added Santa Ana (26th July). Especially noteworthy is its Historic-Artistic Quarter which conserves the Tower and Walls (13th C.), the Basilica (13th-15th C.) and numerous mansions and town houses dating from the 16th to 18th centuries. Other attractions are San Pedro Path, along the cliffs, a veritable scenic balcony overlooking the Town, the Harbour and the Memory Cubes by Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola and the Fort, San Antón Path, the Lighthouse, the Sea Classroom Exhibition, Sablón, Puerto Chico and Toró Beaches and numerous examples of Indiano Architecture such as the Social Club (Casino in Spanish).