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Llanes (Llanes)
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Casa de Cultura - C/ Posada Herrera, 33500
985 400 164
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Further information:

    • Old Quarter (a listed Historic-Artistic Site).
    • Basilica of Santa María.
    • San Pedro Path.
    • The Memory Cubes.

    Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-634

    • Llanes Harbour
    • 639 673 516
    • Ch9
    • 43º25"30""N /04º45"00""W
    • Number of permanent berths: 140
    • Maximum length: 10 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 2.5 m
    • Depth at quay: 2 m
    • Width of entrance channel: 9 m
    • Water supply at berth
    • Electricity at berth
    • Sailing Club
Llanes, the beauty appearing between sea and mountain

There are few things that shine as much with the sun in Asturias as the jet black on the Llanes female's traditional dress... And this town in eastern Asturias, which goes hand-in-hand with the Cuera mountain range and the Picos de Europa, and plunges into the Cantabrian Sea, is a melting pot of the most ancestral Asturian rural traditions. Undoubtedly, Llanes is full of charm: its proximity to the Picos de Europa and idyllic beaches, the seafaring tradition, its cultural and social life and its gastronomy.
Indeed, Llanes and its beaches are really the coast of the Picos de Europa. 

But, in addition, the village has a prodigious history that can be seen with every step through its historic center. Declared a Historic-Artistic Site and bordered by a 13th-century wall, it has a tower and numerous mansions and palaces from the 16th and 17th centuries; incredible corners that combine with a wide range of shops and restaurants.

A tour of Llanes is always surprising, with its fishing port to transport you to one of the sources of wealth of the town for centuries, or with the wonderful Paseo de San Pedro on the cliffs. Furthermore, the town can boast of having the most artistic port in Spain with the Memory Cubes, a work by Agustín Ibarrola, which serve as a breakwater on the jetty. The Casino building and the numerous and beautiful examples of Indian style architecture scattered throughout the town and its surroundings are also striking.
You will also see that many of these places, like the marvellous beaches of the area, have been the setting for films such as The Orphanage, La señora and Story of a Kiss.

The Llanes summer is unique and its festivals contribute to this: Santa María Magdalena, San Roque and the Virgen de La Guía, which are more than fifteen hundred years old in total, and which are organised through their respective Bandos (sides), something that is very unique and only occurs in Llanes.
In short, Llanes is a combination of beauty and dominion that appears powerful between the Cantabrian Sea and the high peaks of the Picos de Europa.