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Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
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C/ Marqués de Canillejas, 1 (antigua Lonja del Pescado) Llanes
985 400 164
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Further information:

Playa de Cue
Puerto de Llanes
Ría de Niembro, Celoriu
    • Old Quarter of the Town of Llanes.
    • Coastal Path and the Blowholes Path.
    • Enchanted Path and Route of Colours.
    • Any of Llanes' spectacular beaches.
    • Listen to Audio Guide of Llanes

  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-634

  • Population: 13,893 inhabitants.

    Area: 263.6 km2

Municipal capital and fishing town with a stunning old quarter, seafaring tradition, ethnography, folklore, gastronomy, beaches and mountains facing the Picos de Europa. Traditional and avant-garde culture, stories of Indianos and love-struck filmmakers... and much more! That's Llanes

'With Llanes, everything, without Llanes, nothing, outside Llanes, everything comes to an end...'. This popular verse possibly sums up the essence of a territory and the spirit of its inhabitants. The Borough of Llanes happens to be one of those with the greatest tourist tradition in Asturias. It safeguards in the borough capital one of the best preserved old quarters in the whole Principality, which brings together a large number of mansions and emblazoned houses as well as the Basilica and a host of shops, restaurants and cider taverns that turn the historic site into a continual flow of people coming and going throughout the year.

The social club, the medieval tower, San Pedro promenade, Sablón Beach, the Duke of Estrada's palace, the lighthouse, the harbour, the Memory Cubes, the Sea Classroom and more create an atmosphere which makes this seafaring town one of the most beautiful in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. And if the capital is beautiful, the municipality is no less so and has it all: the Llanes film route, the blowholes route, the Oscuru Valley route of colours, the Enchanted Path in Ardisana, the River Purón trail, the La Cuesta path - in the vicinity of the golf course - the coastal path between Bustio and Guadamía, the Peña Tú Rock Idol... and over thirty beaches with spectacular scenery - small coves and large sandy beaches -, where you can practice all kinds of water sports. These are undoubtedly one of the natural jewels of the municipality and one of the most popular attractions for travellers and artists alike (many film, television and advertising directors, among others, have chosen them for their productions). Not to mention the great traditional and folk culture of the municipality, kept very much alive in its villages, which make bagpipes, the typical costume from Llanes, traditional cuisine, legends, literature, film and the fascinating stories of Indianos a unique, unrepeatable universe.

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